Open Source Software I've Written

This part of the site contains software that I have written over time. Everything here is available under the Gnu Public License (GPL).

Newer stuff:

  • Fivestarstats- This is an add-on for Drupal's Fivestar module. It generates reports of the following stats:
    • Top Voters by IP
    • Top 1-star Voters by IP
    • Lower Vote Average by IP
    • Top-rated Users
    • Top # of Posts/Comments
    • Most 1-star Votes Received
    • Bottom-rated Users
  • Anthrocon Webform - An add-on to Drupal's Webform module. It provides a tab-delimited download for webform submissions that presents multi-selects as comma-delimited lists instead of separate fields. Very handy for fields that have 10 or more options to choose from!
  • Anthrocon Dealers - This is an add-on for Drupal's Ubercart module. It provides reports to our Dealers Room staff of who purchased Dealers Room tables for our convention.
  • Anthrocon-reg - The pre-registration and on-site registration system for Anthrocon. This software, written as a Drupal module, accepts credit cards at pre-registration, talks to, and drives CR-80 badge printers at on-site registration. Works well under LAMP or WAMP.
  • Doug's Drupal Tools - I had a few things I wanted to add into Drupal, so I added them. Smiling This Drupal module increases logging of certain events, and integrates with the Flag module and Privatemsg module. I use this module on some websites I run.
  • Doug's Drupal Templates - A series of user and page templates for Drupal that I wrote. They contain support for social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and instant messenger support in both user profiles and forum posts. I also use this module on some websites I run.
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