Saturday was AC Storage Locker Day!

I spent the weekend out in Pittsburgh to do inventory of the Anthrocon storage locker. I had originally expected this to take most of Saturday afternoon, it ended up only taking about an hour and a half, thanks to our hard working volunteers: Swift Fox, Silaria, Cadpig, Firefox, and Sinha Lion.

This then left us with the rest of Saturday to spend as we like. We walked around downtown Pittsburgh and visited the art festival that was in town. Afterward, Swift Fox thought it would be a good idea if we uh, "stress tested" some fire equipment. Here's me trying not to get knocked off my feet:

Back at the station, Swift Fox shows us that Firefighters have a sense of humor:

Also, Taz was apparently a new hire in the department:

Later in the evening we went to one of the many observation points on the side of a hill in Pittsburgh and I was able to get some nice night-exposure pictures of downtown Pittsburgh:

On Sunday morning, we visited The Pittsburgh Strip for breakfast. The strip is within a reasonable walk of the Westin, and is not unlike Philadelphia's Italian Market. Since I had less than 4 cups of coffee, I wasn't awake enough to take pictures from there. Sticking out tongue

I then hopped in my rental car (yay AVIS!) and drove back home.

From my stay there, I gotta say that Aspinwall was a really nice town. It reminded me of Emmaus, PA, a town which I visited frequently in my youth (and was also on the side of a mountain).

The rest of my Pittsburgh at night pictures can be found here and additional pictures of testing the fire equipment can be found here.

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