Anthrocon 2007: The Operations Director's View

Wow. What a blast.

Our total attendance was 2,849. Our fursuit parade had 353 fursuiters in it.

From an operations standpoint, the con went amazingly well. I got into Ops on Wednesday morning, and everything that we needed pretty much fell into place. Radios and conbooks had been delivered, the equipment truck arrived on time, and we had plenty of volunteers to help offload stuff. Rather than go into more details about all this stuff, I'll just skip to the part where I thank people for making this such a successful con. Smiling

First, the Operations staff. They kept the office running during the day and evening hours and dealt with all of the things that came up during the con. These hard workers include: GreenReaper, Swift Fox, T'Chall, Mach, Furp, Kellic J Tiger, Decker, and Kasi Frost.

Next, the Dorsai Irregulars. Around 40 strong this year, they performed general security services and crowd control during the day. During the nights, they took over the Operations Office so that it could be kept running 24 hours a day.

We wouldn't be the same without a Super Sponsor Lounge, either. Due to health issues, Cynthia had to step down from running it. We had to look around for new people with a few months notice, and got a referral to Melissa Clemmer and Karen Klinck, who have been doing this sort of thing for science fiction cons for a number of years. They were highly recommended and did not let us down. They were able to keep the lounge open from 10 AM to 10 PM every day. Their staff did a great job, too.

I'd like to specifically thank a fellow by the name of White Wer. He had the adjoining suite next to the SSL and opened it up so that Karen and Melissa could make use of it. Also, both him and his roomates pitched in and volunteered for a lot of the work in keeping the lounge up and running. I don't think it could have been as successful as it was without their help.

A big hand goes to the volunteers who helped with packing up the truck, unloading it at the storage facility, and unloading it again at Philadelphia.

Mwuricon, thanks for the bottle of single malt scotch. It was appreciated!

We got some media coverage from the local newspapers:

Mark Evanier really liked us:

If you lost/found something, have some comments for the convention as a whole, or have pictures to share, please stop by our post-2007 forums:

If you attended the con, we would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to fill out our post-con survey:

If you have pictures to share, feel free to upload them to Flickr, where we have our own community:

My pictures can be found at:

As a bit of an afterthought, I spent some time walking through the DLCC on Sunday evening, after Hall C had been mostly empty, just taking pictures. It was kinda creepy seeing this whole "empty" look to the place. For example, this was the scene of the fursuit parade:

Most of the staff are going to take a well deserved break for a few weeks. We'll still be reading our email and the forums, but may be a bit slow to respond.

Bacon Coyote and SimbaB, I'm sorry I missed you guys at the con. Maybe next year!

And yes, this is just a box. Leave it alone!

Our 2008 convention, "It's a Jungle Out There!", will be once again held in the Westin Hotel and David L. Lawrence Convention Center from June 26th to 29th, 2008. Our Guest of Honor will be Floyd Norman. ("The Jungle Book", "Monsters, Inc.", Disney's "Robin Hood", and more!)

We'll see you there!

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