On PR, negative stereotypes, and furry fandom

Public service announcement time, folks.

If you keep shouting about negative stereotypes of furry fandom and "that's not what we're all about", well... all you're doing is bringing attention to those stereotypes. They'll still be associated with furry, regardless of what you as an individual do. Right now, we are doing a better job at promoting negative stereotypes about ourselves than any troll could ever hope to do.

Wanna do something productive? Try talking about positive aspects of the furry fandom. Mention how nearly every convention is a non-profit, how furry conventions have raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity, talk about some of the cool fursuits, or some other positive way that furry has impacted your life.

We can't control the trolls. But we can control ourselves, and what we say. Let's make the most of it.

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