Mmm... tea

So, the other day at a meeting, I saw a co-worker make tea with one of these:

The way it works is that the tea steeps in the cup, and then you place it on top of a mug, triggering the value in the bottom that empties the tea. What was fun about this was watching a female co-worker freak out. She said she thought the steeper was "pissing" and that it was "so gross".

So, of course I had to get one for myself! I got a referral from that co-worker to Adagio Teas and ordered their starter set, which includes a steeper, 4 sample teas, and a full color guide to tea that talks about the history of tea, brewing styles, and more. That only cost $19. I set shipping to "ground" (the cheapest), and it arrived the very next day. Badass!

I also like the Adagio site. It has a very strong "social network" aspect to it. The co-worker who referred me is now listed as a "tea friend", and you can write reviews on products that you have ordered, as well as read others' reviews. Bonus: for each review you write, you get 50 cents off of your next order. Adagio also has a tea of the month club. Very well.

Also, now that I'm a customer, I can send out coupons for $5 off of your first order. If you're interested in getting a coupon, let me know.

Did I mention I hope to kick the coffee habit? We'll see how well this works out. Smiling

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