SPAM-L list will be shut down 05/11/2009

[Edit: Some folks have set up a successor to the list at (SDLU). I have no current involvement with that list, but I encourage folks to check it out!]

Paul Russel posted this to the SPAM-L mailing list earlier today:

Recurring incidents involving animosity between list members have taken their
toll. The SPAM-L list will be shut down on Monday, 11 May 2009. The list
archives will remain online and searchable by subscribers for approximately 30
days after the list is shut down, however, requests for list-owner assistance
will be ignored.

I joined this list in 1996 and have been a co-owner, with Doug Muth and Pete
Weiss, since 1998. Pete has already posted his farewell. Doug and I want to
thank those whose positive contributions made this list a useful resource for
so many people for so many years, however, we believe that the list has outlived
its usefulness. Anyone with a web browser can find a plethora of anti-spam
resources that did not exist when the list was created in August 1995.

It's a shame that we can't keep the list going, but speaking for myself, I just don't have the spare time to handle running the list anymore. I'm sure that if the community is motivated, a successor to the list will be created to fill the gaps.

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