Conventions I've Staffed

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Fursuiters at Anthrocon 2010

Since folks keep asking me what conventions I work and whether I'm a staff member at such and such convention, I figured it was about time I made a list.

How I Decide What Cons to Work

Often this is done on the basis of referrals--if I think a con is interesting/cool, there's a chance I'll know someone who is on staff and inquire through them what the staff experience is like and if it's worth working. If I receive positive answers, I'll inquire about joining staff.

If it's a convention where I don't know any staff (as was the case many many years ago), I'll volunteer first and see how I like it. If I have a positive experience, I'll ask about being on staff in a future year (or asked to be on staff, in a couple of cases).

Why Do I Work So Many Cons?

Many reasons. First, since I am not an artist or a fursuiter, it gives me a chance to make positive contributions to the community. Second, it provides me with a bit of structure to the convention--having to be in certain places at certain times helps me better organize how I spent my time at the con. And finally, it gives me an opportunity to meet people--I've made many many friends over the years just by staffing cons... and getting to see these people again at future cons makes the experience just so much more fun.

The List of Cons I've Worked

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