Introducing My Drupal Module: Fivestarstats

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I'm a huge fan of Drupal's Fivestar module. I use it on all of the sites I run. That said, I always wanted to see some reporting and stats features with the module. It would be nice to track voting activity so that I can spot instances of abuse, or see if there are any users who consistently receive low ratings. So I decided to write a separate module which did just that.

Here's what Fivestarstats does:

  • Gets total vote stats, including the average rating
  • Tells what IP addresses:
    • Are top voters
    • Are top 1-star voters (to catch abuse)
    • Have the lowest vote average. (generally mean people)
  • Tells what users:
    • Have the highest average rating
    • Have the lowest average rating
    • Have had the most 1-star votes cast against them (to catch abuse)

So where can it be found? On GitHub, naturally:

Have fun!

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