Doug's Anthrocon 2012 Wrapup

Anthrocon 2012 has come and gone, and I've only recovered enough just now to actually write about it and share my pictures!

First, how about some numbers:

  • Attendance: 5,179 attendees
  • Number of fursuits in the Fursuit Parade: 1,044 fursuiters
  • Money raised for Hello Bully: $20,656
  • Number of artists in Artists' Alley: 212 artists

All of these numbers are records, way above and beyond anything we've had in previous years.  It was epic!

As usual, we had our share of of outside media coverage [1] [2] [3] That's perfectly fine however. We were in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh, after all.

Snickerdoodle and Flow Kitty

From an Operations standpoint, the con went pretty darn good this year!  Ops went well, and onsite registration went well.  Even the badge printers behaved themselves this year!  The only noteworthy issue we had to deal with was our Nexttels.  Seems that our vendor didn't bother to tell us that they wouldn't actually work in Pittsburgh.  This caused us some issues with communication, but wasn't insurmountable, just annoying.

All Cheetahs Look Alike Bierzun Wii Raver and Nyancat

Kane Husky Clementine and Boyfroend Flash Adalwolf and Shadow Destroyer

Other than that, the con was pretty much a blur for me this year.  Things went as they should have, and I mostly stayed out of the way of my hard working Ops Staff and let them do their thing.  With this growth in attendance, however, I have started making plans for staff positions and such to handle even more growth next year.

Oh, I got to see Sardyuon's Encore Performance.  The man is amazing:

Sardyuon Balancing On Chairs Sardyuon Balancing On Chairs Sardyuon Balancing On Chairs

And this is what 1,044 fursuiters look like:

Lucario The Husky Fursuit Parade Lineup Fursuit Parade Lineup

Actually, that's not entirely accurate. There is a huge group shot over here.

Say... did you know that not everybody at Anthrocon wears a fursuit? I have proof!

Anthrocon's Board of Directors and Guests

Do you want to see my full archive of pictures from Anthrocon? You can find them over over here.

Next year's Anthrocon will again be held in Pittsburgh from July 4th to 7th, 2013, and the theme will be "The Fast And The Furrious". We'll see you there!

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