My FurFright 2012 Pictures and Con Report

Impatient? You can view all of the photos over here!

I attended FurFright a few weekends ago and just now got to upload my pictures and make a blog post about it.

As I mentioned previously, I worked some pretty odd shifts in security, so I was often sleeping during the day, and didn't get to take all of the photos that I wanted to. That said, I did get some great photos taken during the Fursuit Parade, due to the fact that I was outdoors and had natural light to work with.

Hurricane Sandy put a damper on things and I was forced to return home early, which was Not Fun. Since I was concerned about traffic in NYC, I instead used Scranton as a waypoint of sorts. I set Scranton as the destination on my GPS, and when I was 50 miles away, changed the destination to my home. This turned a 4 hour trip into a 5 hour trip, but it was a very nice drive. I got to drive on US-209 to PA-33, and drive by my old stomping grounds in the Lehigh Valley. Along the way, I passed several dozen utility trucks heading south, towards the expected disaster area. The drive was cool enough that I think I'll do it on future trips back from FurFright.

Enough of that, here are some pictures:

Imaginary Skye Shia Moorhen Wii
Pink Husky Face Costello hiding behind plants
Nevask and another owl
Bierzun Imaginary Skye Giant husky plush

That's about all of the pictures that I care to post here. I have the entire archive at Flickr:

Share and enjoy!

The next convention I'll be at is Midwest FurFest. I hope to see you there!

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