Is this really the world's oldest surviving Transformers webpage?


"I have no idea how this happened!"

As far as I can tell, the answer to that question is a surprising yes.

Here's a brief history of the page:

  • 1996 - I started this webpage, back when I was a dialup customer of the company Oasis Telecommunications. The URL was then, and later became
  • 1998 - I decided it was time for webhosting that was separate from my Internet account, so I became a customer of the company SSI Data Systems, down in the Atlanta area. (if memory serves, the principal was a gentleman named Mark Finkle). For awhile, the URL was
  • 1999 - I bought the domain name, and set up a forwarder so the page could now be accessed at
  • 2010 - Having bought the more professional looking domain many years prior, I decided it was time to start using that domain name for my official web presence. So I once again switched domains to The website was mostly static by this point.
  • The Present - The page is still sitting around, and all of the fan fiction and spinoffs are still archived here. Some of what I have here isn't available anywhere else on the net, and in at least one case, the author of some stories here passed away some years ago. So I'm inclined to leave everything exactly the way it is for the foreseeable future.

"Were there other Transformers webpages before this one?"

Oh, you bet there were. I know of pages that went back to at least 1993. Two of the names I remember were Iggy Drougge and J.J Hoxey, both of whom had very popular Transformers pages of their own. Sadly, their pages (and many others) have since gone 404.

I do not know of any other Transformers webpages on the net older than 1996, so it seems that I have the dubious honor of running the World's Oldest Transformers Webpage. Not exactly something I planned, I'll deal with it. Smiling

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