Shutting Down the PA-Furry Mailing List

Cheetah express! It gets there... after 12 naps.


The PA-Furry mailing list was originally started by me back in February, 2000. For the better part of a decade, it was a place for furries who lived in and near Pennsylvania to chat with each other.

Sometime in 2010, traffic on the mailing list started to drop off, due in part to the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and other online venues, and due partly to the Pennsylvania Furries website picking up steam. By 2012, the list was fairly inactive, except for the occasional spam. Between the decline in mailing list activity, and an unrelated server move, I felt it was time to shut down the mail server and retire the mailing list. I intend to keep the archives online indefinitely.

Here are some related links:

For the curious, here is a graph of mailing list activity, by month:

As you can see, activity picks up in the middle of the decade, then drops off by the end of the decade. By 2011, the list is virtually dead, with only the occasional post here and there.

For the UNIX-heads out there, I generated the data for that list by running this command under the mail archive directory:

find . -type f \
    |grep -v attachments \
    |egrep "[0-9]{6}" \
    |sort \
    |sed -e s/'\/[0-9]\{6\}.html'// \
    |cut -c3- \
    |uniq -c

If there are any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me. My contact info is over here.

Thanks for the 12 years of fun,

-- Giza

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