Furry Connection North 2013 Report

First, the stats.

There were 1,259 total attendees at this year's Furry Connection North.

We raised $21,299.67 for our charity, Country Cat & City Kitty Cat/Kitten Rescue.

As usual, I got to see a lot of friends there, and meet some people I only knew online in person for the first time. Good times all around.

DSC_7143 DSC_7148 DSC_7149 DSC_7152 DSC_7154 DSC_7190

My biggest regret is arriving late Thursday night instead of Wednesday night this time around, as I already missed some of the fun. I hope to fix this next year. Smiling

DSC_7167 DSC_7138 DSC_7140 DSC_7195 DSC_7241 DSC_7257 DSC_7250 DSC_7259 Cheetahs don't know how to use computers. Derp!

The rest of my pictures can be found here and here.

My next convention is the Big One: Anthrocon! I'll see you there.

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