Setsucon 2014 Report

I went to Setsucon, an Anime convention which was held January 25th and 26th, 2014 in State College, PA.

It was my first anime con in a few years so I wasn't sure what to expect. I ended up rather enjoying the convention. While I like anime, I'm not very active in the community so a lot of the programming didn't appeal to me. I went there mostly to catch up with friends:

DSC_8207 DSC_8191DSC_8219
DSC_8205 DSC_8206 DSC_8193 DSC_8203

The second big thing I checked out was the manga library. Apparently it is a tradition that anime conventions will have a library filled with hundreds of manga (Japanese comics) that anyone can come by and read. I got to read a bit of Trigun that way. Smiling

DSC_8200 DSC_8202 DSC_8198

I also hit the dances, but I was busy dancing at DJ Zing's dance, so I didn't have any time to take pictures. Sorry!

Here are the rest of the pictures I took:

If it is convenient, I will try to attend again next year. Smiling

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