My MagFest 2015 Report

Last month I went to my first MagFest in several years. Once again, I worked security with The Dorsai Irregulars, and had a good time there, both while working security and at the event itself.

The event has grown quite a bit since I had been there last in 2009, and what used to be a reasonable sized video arcade was now a huge arcade, taking up an entire convention hall.

The concerts that were held every night were also great--I got to see a few bands such as Machinae Supremacy play. One thing that contributed to me getting much better pictures at this event compared to past events was my purchase of a 35 mm Prime Lens from Nikon. The downside was not being able to zoom nor take wide-angle photographs, but the upside was that I could get ridiculous amount of light with the F 1.8 aperture, and that made for some great shots in artificial as well as low light.

I was also pleased to see the amount of cosplay that went on. I counted at least 4 other White Mages present that weekend.

The only downside of this event was something completely out of their control--in order to get the weekend they wanted, they had to have the last date of the event on a Monday. As one might expect, many people did not stay through to Tuesday but instead departed that Monday morning, leaving the hotel with a bit of a "ghost town" feel for most of that day. The upside was that I got to be the last cosplayer standing on Monday night, so that was nice.

At this time, I am planning on returning to work MagFest again next year.

As always, my full set of MagFest 2015 photos can be found on Flickr.

My next convention will be Anthro New England, held at the end of this month from February 27th to March 1st in Boston. I'll see you there!

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