Anthro New England 2016 Con Report and Pictures

I haven't written too many convention reports lately, and that's pretty much my fault. I've been struggling with some health issues which have kept me from attending as many cons as I'd like. That said, I was able to make it to Anthro New England this past January. It was held in Boston, Massachusetts.

I wasn't staff at this con, but I did end up volunteering for the cash registers in the Dealers Room throughout the convention. It was a different experience than what I used to, but provided a great way to help out the convention. For the cash registers, we used custom software developed by Kotanu Cheetah. The software did a great job of running both regular register functions and having integration with the membership system.

AnthroNewEngland-2016-155 AnthroNewEngland-2016-110 AnthroNewEngland-2016-161 AnthroNewEngland-2016-073 AnthroNewEngland-2016-082 AnthroNewEngland-2016-017

AnthroNewEngland-2016-089 AnthroNewEngland-2016-109 AnthroNewEngland-2016-112 AnthroNewEngland-2016-122 AnthroNewEngland-2016-128 AnthroNewEngland-2016-153 AnthroNewEngland-2016-006 AnthroNewEngland-2016-011

I took even more pictures, and they can be found online at:

Next year's Anthro New England will be held from January 19-22, 2017. I hope to see you there!

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