Anthrocon 2016 Pictures

Another Anthrocon has come and gone, and it's been amazing year!

We had 7,310 attendees this year, a considerable jump up from our previous number of 6,348 attendees. Our Fursuit parade had 2,100 fursuiters in it, an even bigger relative jump from the previous year's number of 1,460.

We raised $31,880 for our charity: The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

Anthrocon-2016-012 Anthrocon-2016-023 Anthrocon-2016-030 Anthrocon-2016-163 Anthrocon-2016-042 Anthrocon-2016-049 Anthrocon-2016-111 Anthrocon-2016-121 Anthrocon-2016-134

Anthrocon-2016-219 Anthrocon-2016-241 Anthrocon-2016-237 Anthrocon-2016-302 Anthrocon-2016-225 Anthrocon-2016-109

Anthrocon-2016-318 Anthrocon-2016-258 Anthrocon-2016-160 Anthrocon-2016-179

Looking for more photos?

Next year's Anthrocon will be held June 29th to July 2nd in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We'll see you there!

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