My Anthro New England 2017 Con Report

A few weeks ago, I attended Anthro New England, which is a furry convention that was held over January 19-22, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

All things considered, the con went really well! They had 1,384 attendees and raised $15,000 for Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog. I myself got to be on staff this year, working in Commerce Operations for Kotanu Cheetah. (possibly the first time I have ever taken orders from a cheetah!)

Anthro-New-England-2017-013 A white and blue crux! Anthro-New-England-2017-034

Kieran grumping Cheetah Obscura and Tungro Kieran is grumping again

Matt Lion Anthro-New-England-2017-058 Matt Lion and Bakani

Getting pied at Closing Ceremonies Getting pied at Closing Ceremonies Getting pied at Closing Ceremonies

Nick Wilde Anthro-New-England-2017-061 Orio and his Shake Weight Temmie and Temflakes

The rest of my pictures can be found on my Flickr account.

The next con I will be attending is FurSquared, which will be held in Milwaukee this coming weekend! I hope to see you there!

-- Giza

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