My Fur Squared 2017 Con Report

A few weeks ago, I attended Fur Squared. Fur Squared is a smaller, relatively new furry convention held in the Milwaukee area. This year it was held February 24th-26th. I did not staff this con but instead opted to be a regular attendee so I could enjoy more of the con.

The convention did quite well, with 963 attendees and 232 fursuiters in the Fursuit Parade. They also raised $15,000 for the Human Animal Welfare Society.

I did end up getting drafted to be on a few panels, however. I was on the "Con Horror Stories" panel as well as the "How To Start A Con Panel". At both panels I got to tell stories of my past years organizing conventions. We laughed, we cried, we had flashbacks.

Fur-Squared-2017-163 Fur-Squared-2017-281 Fur-Squared-2017-023 Fur-Squared-2017-074 Fur-Squared-2017-100 Fur-Squared-2017-130

I tried a new trick for my photography this year--I dual-wielded both my DSLR and my iPhone. My DSLR has a 35mm prime lens which is great for shots that aren't wide field (such as a single fursuiter from 5 feet away), and the iPhone worked well for groups for multiple fursuiters from close up. I think I'm going to use that approach at future cons.

Fur-Squared-2017-065 Fur-Squared-2017-086 Fur-Squared-2017-219 Fur-Squared-2017-265 Fur-Squared-2017-118 Fur-Squared-2017-122 Fur-Squared-2017-169 Fur-Squared-2017-292

Speaking of flashbacks, it's been some years since I've been to a convention that was just plain fun. Fur Squared occupies a place in my heart that fills the void left by the passing of both Furry Connection North and Fur Fright. There is no question at all that I will be back next year. Smiling

Looking for the rest of my pictures? They can be found on both Flickr and Facebook.

Due to some non-convention related travel coming up, my next con will be Anthrocon. I'll see you there!

-- Giza

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