Anthrocon 2017 Con Report

This year's Anthrocon was, and continues to be a big hit! Our attendees (all 7,544 of them) loved us, as did the City of Pittsburgh, and our charity, Hope Haven (for whom we raised $37,598).

For me, my convention experience was a little different this time around. Instead of hanging out in Room 309 in the DLCC I instead worked out of the Programming Office in the Westin along with my deputy Jade. The environment was quieter, which made it a little easier for us to focus on social media-related issues, and being co-located with Programming staff turned out to be a big win, as they could communicate with us directly on changes to Programming which required announcements on social media.

If you've been following the furry convention scene over the last few years, you may have noticed that our friends at Midwest FurFest have been catching up to us. If you've been wondering, "Will MFF's attendance overtake Anthrocon's?", the answer is "Yep, most likely!". In addition to being well-placed in a central city that is a transportation hub (Chicago), MFF's venue is well-equipped to handle large conventions (Anime Central has over 30,000 attendees, for example).

Having attended and staffed Midwest FurFest, I can also state that it's a damn fine furry convention. Smiling

All that said, wondering why the delay in writing this particular con report? As it turns out, I attended no less than 3 other conventions over the month of August--It was a busy month! So that pushes things back a little. I will write about all of those conventions in due time, of course! But for now, have some pictures from Anthrocon 2017:

Anthrocon-2017-002 Anthrocon-2017-006 Anthrocon-2017-053 Ransu Cheetah

Anthrocon-2017-038 Anthrocon-2017-125 Anthrocon-2017-141 Anthrocon-2017-167 Anthrocon-2017-172 Anthrocon-2017-177 Anthrocon-2017-179 Anthrocon-2017-188 Anthrocon-2017-239

Anthrocon-2017-171 Anthrocon-2017-290 Ransu Cheetah Anthrocon-2017-064

Were you looking for my pictures? They can be found on:

My next convention will be Midwest FurFest in Chicago at the end of November and into December. I'll see you there!

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