3 Cons in 3 Weeks

Back in August, I attended 3 cons in 3 weeks! This wasn't planned, but just happened to work out due to the dates of the conventions and the logistics of getting to each con (two of them were day trips) If you told me 10 years ago this would actually happen, I wouldn't have believed it. But here we are. Smiling

The 3 cons were BronyCon, Furrydelphia, and Furry Migration.


The first con of the three, since BronyCon was held in Baltimore, I made a day trip down there via Amtrak and spent all of Saturday there. Attendance wasn't as high as previous years, due to a conflict with Otakon in DC that same weekend, but they still managed a very respectable 6,319 attendees.

I also attended because I wasn't able to make the 2016 and 2015 conventions due to injury and missed out seeing a bunch of folks I knew there. Being down there allowed me to say hi to people and reconnect with them. Definitely gonna try and make it again next year!

Welcome to BronyCon! BronyCon-2017-006 BronyCon-2017-024 BronyCon-2017-007 BronyCon-2017-023 Fursuiter photoshoot Fursuiter photoshoot Fursuiter photoshoot BronyCon-2017-008

The rest of my photos from BronyCon can be found on Flickr and on Facebook.


The second con was Furrydelphia, which was at the same hotel where Anthrocon was held in 1999 and 2000, and was literally up the road from me. So for a $15 Uber ride, I could get there and back.

I attended for the Saturday of the convention, and was pleased to see that they had a whopping 718 attendees, which is a fantastic number for a first year convention. They also raised $4,260 for their charity, Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue. I am looking forward to their 2018 convention.

Furrydelphia-2017-035 Furrydelphia-2017-039 Furrydelphia-2017-041 Furrydelphia-2017-047 Boozy Badger with his fursuit head Furrydelphia-2017-054 Furrydelphia-2017-055 Furrydelphia-2017-040 Furrydelphia-2017-020

The rest of my photos from Furrydelphia can be found on Flickr and on Facebook.

Furry Migration

The last convention I attended was Furry Migration. It was held in Minneapolis, a city I had been meaning to visit for some time. I also staffed this convention in Operations. Between the location and the people I knew who attended, I would say that this felt to me like a smaller version of Midwest Fur Fest in terms of general atmosphere.

Aside from attending the convention proper, I also spent some time exploring Minneapolis, as we were just a few blocks away from downtown. I found a pizza place called Cheetah Pizza and obviously took a few meals there. It's the first cheetah-themed business outside of furry, and I rather liked it! I'm going to see if I can organize a group trip there next year. Smiling

Attendance for Furry migration was 929, an increase from 876 the previous year.

Due mostly to the enjoyable atmosphere I experienced there, I fully intend to return again in 2018!

Fursuit Parade Fursuit Group Photo Fursuit Group Photo Furry-Migration-2017-042 Downtown Minneapolis Cheetah Pizza Logo Cheetah Pizza Downtown Minneapolis Furry-Migration-2017-043 Furry-Migration-2017-046 Furry-Migration-2017-050 Mastel Furry-Migration-2017-058 Furry-Migration-2017-057 Furry-Migration-2017-051

Ramulus Furry-Migration-2017-044 Dougal's Buttstripe Furry-Migration-2017-053

The rest of my photos from Furry Migration can be found on Flickr and on Facebook.

My next furry convention will be Midwest FurFest from November 30th to December 3rd in Chicago. Between their continued growth and moving into the adjacent convention center, I expect that the MFF 2017 convention will make furry history and break Anthrocon's furry convention attendance record of 7,544 attendees from this past summer. As someone who attends (and staffs) both conventions, I'm excited to see this happen, because it means that our fandom is continuing to grow.

Oh, and I'll get to see a bunch of friends there again as well. Smiling

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