Meltdown: Notes

     * 1. Artistic notes: This story isn't poetry. I wrote it cuz I
       thought it'd be fun. I just took some of my favorite characters
       and put them together to see how they'd react. The latest stuff
       around A.T.T. seems to focus on the grimness of the war, rather
       than the character's inherent personalities and quirks, so I
       thought I'd write a fun story with no social value at all. I put
       humans in because, though I hated them in the cartoon and comics,
       I always felt it could be done right. They always came off as a
       bunch of idiots who just sat there going "What?", "I don't
       understand", and "Hellllp meeeee!"
     * 2. Historic notes: This story takes place sometime after the
       movie. Several years. Daniel is now Buster's age in 1984. It is on
       earth. I take none of the cartoons (I don't know if you count the
       aforementioned movie as a cartoon-- I don't) into account when I
       write this, since my personal taste is lent to the comics. Assume
       that I tack the movie on to the end of the comic book run. It is
       designed so that it doesn't conflict with anyone continuity, but
       you may have to shuffle things around in order to get it to fit.
       It could probably not take place on modern earth, though, since I
       use some human colloquialisms in Transformer speech, which tends
       to indicate that they've had a few decades to pick up the local
       vernacular. I may get some of the "He died in this issue" stuff
       wrong, but to hell with it.
     * 3. Purist notes: My characterizations are as close to the comic as
       possible. Those who complain that Grimlock does not speak in the
       third person will be killed and eaten. Transformers are not
       capable of that level of stupidity, in my opinion. Same goes for
       all the "Animal Shaped" transformers. They were just as sapient as
       the rest. I refer to the characters by their comic book names.
       I.E. "Jetfire" as opposed to "Skyfire" and more importantly,
       "Buster" instead of "Spike". I violate some rules here, most
       importantly, the "Never Change anything permanently" rule, which
       may annoy some. Oh well. I think that people are constantly
       changing, and terrible things happen all the time. You can choose
       to go with what I do, or forget it. You choose.
     * 4. Legal notes: This is a fanfic. All the names are copyrighted to
       hasbro toys and I am just writing for my own amusement and the
       amusement of other fans. I don't sell this story and it would be
       pointless to sue me cuz I ain't making any money from this. And
       besides, I don't have anything for you to take except for a large
       collection of transformers and I suspect that you already have
       lots of those.
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