Character Profile: Razorwing

ALLEGIANCE:  Decepticon
FUNCTION:  Tracker-Terminator
FIRST APPEARANCE:  Transformers The Movie

"It's better to follow someone else's plan than to invent your own."

PROFILE:  Razorwing is very duty-oriented.  He takes his orders
seriously and does his best to carry them out.  He is very attentive to
the wishes of his superiors, and has a lot of respect for them, especially
for Sweep leader Scourge.  Of all the Decepticons created by Unicron,
Razorwing is one of the few who ever wonders who or what he was
before this transformation.  In fact, he is one of the few that still has a
fairly clear memory of the event.  Sometimes, during the most
unexpected moments, Razorwing will experience "flashbacks" -- brief
memories of scenes or events from his former existence that flicker
through his mind -- but too quickly to provide him with any real
information.  Often he will have the vague feeling that a certain event
or situation reminds him of something, though he's not sure what.
These incidents invariably disturb him -- he is not sure whether to
ignore them and simply concentrate on his present life, or whether to
explore them further for some clue as to who he might have been
previously.  Since the other Unicron-created Decepticons seem to have
no interest in their former lives, Razorwing feels he has no one with
whom to really discuss this problem.

ABILITIES:  Like Scourge and the other Sweeps, Razorwing carries
high-tech scanning equipment which allows him to track his prey.
Once within range, he fires a simultaneous combination of lasers and
acid rays, which are capable of melting stone, to say nothing of almost
any metal.  The outer edges of his wings are extremely thin and sharp,
and when flying in robot mode, he can use them to slash up an
opponent as he flies by.

WEAKNESSES:  The thin sharp edges of Razorwing's wings can be
broken fairly easily in hand-to-hand combat.  If he experiences a
"flashback" in the midst of battle, it can distract him and momentarily
put him off guard.  He is not especially intelligent or innovative.

Strength 7, Intelligence 5, Speed 8, Endurance 7, Rank 5, Courage 8,
Firepower 7, Skill 6
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