Flameout: Author's Notes

by Tim Emert (temert@eis.calstate.edu)

	Ancient history:
	See TRANSFORMERS #1-80. Published by Marvel Comics.

	Recent history:
	Buster Witwicky grew up and became an honorary transformer. He
managed to settle things with his old High School Sweetie, Jesse (not
Carly from the cartoon), and Married.  They had a son named Daniel, born
in 1995.
	Jesse is killed by the Decepticons, (another story) leaving
Buster as a single father.
	2013 Daniel turns eighteen. Buster turns forty-eight. Daniel,
after spending some time on Cybertron, returns to earth, where he is
attacked by a ragtag group of Decepticons. Daniel loses an arm in this
conflict. For more details, send a note by e-mail for a copy of MELTDOWN
	This story follows in direct continuity with Bloodlines. For the
first part, simply drop me a line in E-mail.

	This story take place about ten minutes after BLOODLINES did. If
anyone here is confused about what the heck is going on, they should
know that these stories of mine read like the comic book (I was a big
fan of it). That is to say that you can read them as isolated stories,
but in sequence they form a bigger tale. If anyone asks, I will e-mail
them MELTDOWN, BLOODLINES, or both if they would like them. 
	Anyone who hates to have a story spoiled, should get these
stories before reading another line of this. Those who simply want to
know what's going on, keep on reading... 
	This story takes place on Earth in the year 2013. Daniel is now
eighteen years old (I am assuming he was ten in the movie) and the
autobots are largely in control of earth and Cybertron. I admit that I
have something of a custom made universe, (where my favorite characters
didn't die, and Optimus and Meggy still lead) but hell, it's the
universe that everyone wanted anyways, right? 
	What has gone before: 
	(Narrated by Blurr) Daniel arrived from cybertron in a shuttle
that was attacked by a motley group of decepticons who were sent here to
set up a base on earth but ended up in a huge battle that they almost
won but got blasted by autobot reinforcements at the last minute and
were taken captive but not before Daniel lost and arm to laserbeak and
had to have it replaced with a cybernetic one which he is still coming
to terms with as we start this story! 
	Legal stuff: 
	Now I sit me down to type
	I pray Hasbro won't get uptight. 
	They own Transformers, One and All
	I just wrote a story, Y'all.  :)

Purist Notes

	If anyone has a hard time with the characterizations, then it is
probably because I am writing most of them from memory. (Wheeljack is
curious and always tinkering, Prowl is logical and patient, Ratchet
likes to party) If anything seems off kilter, send me E-Mail and, if
available, the character's tech specs. I don't have most of them.
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