Virus-L/comp.virus FAQ: Preface

= Preface Section: =

The Virus-L/comp.virus FAQ sheet is normally posted to on-line services
and sent via e-mail in one of two forms:  As a single, large (>160KB)
file, or in four separate pieces.  Either or both of these forms may be
available for download from FTP sites and BBSes.

The one-piece FAQ sheet should be available in a file called
vlfaqxyy.txt, where "xyy" is the current version number (starting from
200 in mid-1995 for version 2.00).  The multi-part version is created by
splitting the main FAQ sheet into four pieces as follows:

    Filename          Contains
                    FAQ Sections
    vlfxyy-1.txt       A & B
    vlfxyy-2.txt       C & D
    vlfxyy-3.txt       E & F
    vlfxyy-4.txt       G

(with "xyy" again representing the current version number).  Please do
not make your own multi-part FAQ, as each of the parts in the "official"
multi-part version include additional preface information.

Either or both versions may also be available in some form of compressed
archive--in this case the "name part" of the filename should be the same
as the original file with the extension being replaced (or appended) as
appropriate for the archiving method used.  Please *do not* repackage
the multi-part FAQ into one large archive file, as this defeats the sole
purpose for creating it--to ensure that the FAQ sheet is "officially"
available in a readable form that will pass unmolested through most
e-mail gateways.

All the files in either version of the FAQ sheet are signed with Nick
FitzGerald's PGP key.  Nick's public key can be retrieved from the main
PGP key servers.  If you do not know what PGP is, but wish to validate
your copy of the FAQ sheet, you should read the USENET newsgroup [please do *not* e-mail me, as I am not a PGP expert--
FAQ maintainer].

The FAQ sheet is a dynamic document, changing as people's questions
change.  The version number also changes as *any* changes are made.
Version numbers containing a "d" are drafts and should *not* be made
publicly available, nor distributed.  We ask for your cooperation in
deleting and not further distributing "d" versions of the FAQ sheet.  If
you have any questions or contributions, please e-mail them to the FAQ
sheet maintainer, Nick FitzGerald, at:

The most recent copy of the FAQ sheet will always be available on the
Virus-L/comp.virus archives, including by anonymous FTP on
(IP = in the directory pub/virus-l.

A WWW version of the FAQ sheet, with cross-references and file links is
currently under development, as is a WinHelp version with cross-
references (if you would like to assist with these efforts, or to port
one of these formats to another popular hypertext help format, please
contact the FAQ sheet maintainer so we can better coordinate this work).

In various places the FAQ sheet mentions products by name.  This is
usually only for illustrative purposes.  Such references should *not* be
taken to imply that all, some, or any of the contributors to this FAQ
sheet endorse any such product for any purpose or that such products are
the *best* examples of what is being discussed.  Such refernces are
usually because the products named were the first to implement a
particular feature or function.  Further, that a given product is *not*
mentioned in the FAQ should not be taken as an indication of its quality
or suitability for any task.

Various brand and product names are used throughout the FAQ sheet--these
remain trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Unless indicated otherwise, prices are given in US dollars and should be
taken as guides only.  Telephone numbers include an indication of the
time-zone relative to GMT--some of these are very approximate, but
should be close enough to save you ringing in the middle of the
receiver's night!

Nick FitzGerald, Virus-L/comp.virus FAQ sheet maintainer.

= Primary contributors (in alphabetical order) =

The following people have provided significant content and/or editorial
input to this FAQ sheet:

     Mark Aitchison 
     Vaughan Bell 
     Claude Bersano-Hayes 

     Matt Bishop 
     Vesselin Bontchev 
     Bruce Burrell 
     David Chess 
     John-David Childs 
     Olivier M. J. Crepin-Leblond 

     Nick FitzGerald 
     Richard Ford 
     Alan Glover 
     Sarah Gordon 
     Yaron Y. Goland 
     Mikko Hypponen 

     John Kida 
     Kevin Marcus 
     Anthony Naggs 
     Donald G. Peters 
     A. Padgett Peterson 
     Y. Radai 

     Brian Seborg 
     Fridrik Skulason 
     Rob Slade  or 
     Gene Spafford 
     Otto Stolz 

     Ken van Wyk 
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