Dorsai Thing 31 Con Report

Last weekend I attended Dorsai Thing 31, held at the William Tell Holiday Inn in Chicago, IL. I was never very good with writing full blown essays, so I'll just write about key things that I recall from the con, as well as traveling experiences.

  • I scored an upgrade to First Class on the flight out. I ended up sitting next to a guy who ran a business in the funeral home industry. We had some interesting conversations about his line of work, and it being a "guaranteed industry". (I work in the other guaranteed industry Eye-wink
  • One of the things done at this year's Thing was a chili competition. So I had my choice of several different kidna of chili for dinner on Friday night. It had been quite some time since I had good chili.
  • "Tell us a story, Uncle Dorsai!" was the name of an event on Saturday afternoon. They borrowed the idea from Uncle Kage and had their own story hour, which two of the older Dorsai told of their experiences from cons in years past. I recall there being discussion of Klingons wearing toe socks and hallways that were built on an angle.
  • I did my first Scotch Tasting! A gentleman from the DI with a badge that simply said "Magnus" explained quite a bit about the making of scotch to me, and pointed out certain brands that I should try and discussed the different flavors found in scotch.
  • Dorsai Dance Revulsion (DDR). We were encouraged to form teams of 4 people each and compete. Multipliers were given on difficulty and overall team age. Each team had to have a minimum combined age of 100 to keep the younger people from forming a team of their own. Mach and Furp were on my team, along with Petercat who, having NEVER played DDR before, did surprisingly well. A gentleman who played while wearing no shirt won First Place tin the "AIEEE! My eyes! My eyes!" category.
  • Early Friday evening, I got to eat at White Castle for the first time. Their food was... interesting.
  • Getting to see many old friends again rocked. Furp noted that it was the first time he and I were together at the same con where neither of us were actually working.
  • On the flight back, something interesting happened. After we landed, my laptop case was hot to the touch. I was worried that my battery went and melted, and then discovered it was from the overhead reading lamp. What I also noticed was that my laptop case was SO insulated that the heat did not reach my laptop. Clearly that case was a good buy.
  • Also, before the trip back, we were subjected to a two hour delay, on account of there being a "ground stop" at Philly. So I bought a copy of Steven King's newest novel called "Cell" and read through most of it. It was a pretty good book, kinda like a version of The Strand shot up on cocaine. It was much quicker paced and the focus stayed on the main characters, of which there were fewer. It's a good read if you're a Steven King fan, though.

The full list of the 31 Flavors of Decadence can be found here.

My pictures from Dorsai Thing 31 can be found here.

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