Other Websites I Run

I don't just run this site, I run a few others, too. Here is the list:

  • The Save Ardmore Coalition - There is currently an attempt by the local government in Ardmore, PA to seize private businesses through eminent domain. Save Ardmore Coalition was founded as a civic organization to save those vibrant businesses from the wrecking ball. After saving our neighborhood, we've evolved into a broader civic group to work together for Lower Merion Township's future.
  • South Ardmore Betterment Alliance - A civic group which serves Southern Ardmore.
  • Anthrocon - Anthrocon is the world's largest anthropomorphics ("furry") convention with over 4,000 members who attend our annual convention in Pittsburgh. I run the organization's website and perform sysadmin work for them.
  • Pennsylvania Furries - Forums and an online calendar for furries in the Pennsylvania area.

I enjoy doing volunteer work, and am always interested in finding new and exciting opportunities to help out volunteer groups and non-profits. If you're involved with one of those organizations and looking for a technical person, feel free to contact me.

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