"We're all out of ammo. Time to use foul language!"


   1. A section or scene, as of a movie, that is filmed but not used in the final version.

   2. A blooper usually refers to a faux pas made by an actor while filming a television show or movie.

   3. Your favorite cartoon actors saying really funny things!

Like every kid that grew up in the 80s, I watched lots of cartoons. They were a big part of my childhood. Since I've grown up, not only do I still try to watch cartoons when I get the chance, but I also like to read fan sites online. Some time ago, I came across outtakes from some of my favorite cartoons as a child. I thought they were hilarious, so I started collecting them, and finally decided to place them on my website so I could share them with others.

Please note that these outtakes have foul language in them. Lots of foul language. Please don't listen to them if you are easily offended. And don't even THINK about letting your children listen to these!

And now, the outtakes:

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