All About Doug Muth

Picture copyright by AndrewNeo, used with permission.
A picture of me at Anthrocon 2009

My full name is Douglas Thomas Muth, but you can call me Doug. Here's some more information about me.

Frequently Asked Questions about Doug Muth

Answers to frequently asked questions about me.

The meaning of the name "Douglas"

The Muth family name

Pictures of Doug taken over the years

See pictures of me from age 4 through the present day!

Muth Circle

A bit of family history, this page holds pictures of Muth Circle, named after my grandfather, and located in Krocksville, PA.

Other Websites I Run

I don't just run this website, I maintain others too! This page lists them all.

If you want to contact me, please proceed to this page for contact information.

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