The SPAM-L mailing list will be shut down as of May 11th, 2009. Please read this post for more information and an explanation.
This FAQ will be kept indefinitely for historical purposes but updates will be rare, if they are made at all.
[Edit: Some folks have set up a successor to the list at (SDLU). I have no current involvement with that list, but I encourage folks to check it out!]

Credits and many thanks go to:

Andrew C. Green Added to the section on stealth mailers.
Ben Bradley Made the suggestion of having the section on trolls.
Bob Wilson Made the excellent suggestion of mentioning that headers from spams that are posted should be quoted.
Bruce Campbell Rewrote the sections that deal with WHOIS.
Corey Snow The original maintainer of the FAQ who wrote up most of the sections.
Era Eriksson Helped contribute to the FAQ with many suggestions and some rewriting of the text and HTML. Wrote up the section on Am I being spammed by a list member?. Wrote up the section on I seem to get more spam since subscribing. Wrote up the section on funny headers. Wrote up the section on tracking by IP number. Wrote up the section on foreign WHOIS servers.
Gary Feldman Fixed a massive amount of broken links for revision 4.06, and did some minor rewrites to include new things like um, competing registries. :-)
Gary Frazier Contributed to the section on calling ISPs on the phone.
Hal Murray Contributed to the glossary.
Imran Ghory Pointed out a few typos, contributed information for Pegasus, and supplied a couple of URLs.
J Chapman Flack Pointed out a minor, but significant error in the section about stealth mailers.
L-Soft The site where SPAM-L is run from and archived. Those of us on the list appreciate you donating your resources.
Neil Schwartzman Made several suggestions and added some Mac resources. He was also kind enough to spell check the FAQ for me.
Pete Weiss Contributed numberous URLs and provided excellent feedback.
Phil Hord Made some suggestions regarding the X-UIDL header.
Piers Sent instructions for viewing headers under Lotus Notes.
Quaestor Pointed out a couple of dead URLs.
Randy Delucchi Gave instructions on how to view full headers in Hotmail.
Ron Whittle Made a minor correction regarding the X-PMflags: header.
Sal Buttice Provided instructions for viewing headers under Outlook 2000.
Stan Ryckman Caught a bunch of spelling errors, sent the Topics list, and clarified a couple of confusing points.
Stephen J Friedl Informed me about SMTP front ends and suggested a slight change for the section on 800 numbers.
Tim Bedding Pointed out more of my spelling errors. :-)
Tim Pierce Provided much of the original text for the section on why a web provider should remove a spamvertised site.

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