History of the Thundercats Outtakes

I’ve finally got the story on where the Thundercats Outtakes came from. It is best told by Scott Raymond, who sent me this email recently:

You probably don’t know me, but for a number of years I used to run a website called SoundAmerica before I sold it to the folks at advances.com.

On that site is a collection of outtakes from the Thundercats and Silverhawks cartoons:


When looking at your collection, I realized they must have migrated from SoundAmerica, since they are the same quality settings as the original WAV files – which, by the way, were converted using the MP3 codec, effectively creating MP3 files with RIFF waveform headers. I even know exactly when I originally put these files online – just over 8 years ago on August 15, 1997 – the day after they were given to me by Larry Franke, the sound editor for both cartoons. Here’s a page captured on the wayback machine at archive.org:


I bring this to your attention, not because I want credit, but because you might be interested to know where they came from and who provided them – Larry Franke. You can see his credentials here:


So, I think that settles the matter of where these outtakes originally came from. What an interesting bit of history!

Pictures of Giza

Pictures of Giza, my leopard (and goat!) “fursona” in the furry community.

Some of these pictures are gift art, others are random sketches and conbadges that I’ve gotten over the last 20 years or so.  Starting in about 2010 I began dressing up like a White Mage from Final Fantasy, it turned out to be a really cool idea, and now I get art of me drawn as a White Mage.

Were you looking for the list of conventions that I attend? That’s over here!

Featured Artwork

These pictures are the most popular ones I’ve had over the years, as they were used as icons on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, and other places, as well as actual conbadges at conventions.

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Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem (FUSSP) Response

I got this form letter from this Slashdot post, and it has surfaced in countless other incarnations, too.

FUSSP stands for “Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem. It’s used to describe ideas put forth by people with little sysadmin/email/spam fighting experience who think that they found the magic problem to stop spam. More examples of FUSSPs can be found here.


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The meaning of the name “Douglas”

My full first name is Douglas, although I prefer “Doug” as it takes less syllables to pronounce.  🙂

There are several forms of my name which come from different nationalities:

  • English: Douglas
  • Scottish: Douglas, Douglass
  • Gaelic: Dugald, Dougal
  • Celtic: Douglas, Dugald
  • Irish: Dugald, Dougal

My name also has several origins:

  • In early English it means “gray or black stream”.
  • From scottish, it means “dark water”.
  • Dugald comes from the Gaelic, meaning “dark stranger”, and from the
    celtic, meaning “black hair”.

Silverhawks Outtakes

“I used to perform with 2 Live Crew”

In addition to the Thundercats, there was another cartoon series in the 1980s called “The Silverhawks”. It too was a science fiction cartoon, except it took place in the far future and in space. Another interesting note is that it had the same voice acting cast as Thundercats did. Since I have gotten more requests for outtakes, I figured I would put up these ones as well.

Just like the Thundercats outtakes, these have some pretty foul language. You’ve been warned!

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