Things I Built

Code You May Write Someday

I’ve built a few things in my time, and I wanted to share them here:

  • Dead Simple QR Code Generator – No ads, no signups, no spam. Just QR Codes when you want them.
  • Diceware – A web-based version of the Diceware password generation tool. Use this to make passwords you can actually remember!
  • FastAPI Httpbin – A collection of HTTP endpoints to test your app against
  • Grafana Network Monitor – This is a quick and dirty collection of scripts and dashboards I built to monitor my home’s Internet connectivity.
  • SEPTA Stats – Real-time stats on Philadelphia Regional Rail.
  • Splunk Lab – A Dockerized instance of Splunk which can be used to stand up a testing or lab instance for development purposes.
  • Tarsplit – A little utility I wrote to split a tar archive on file boundaries.
  • Is SEPTA F*cked? – A… colorful status page I made shows Philadelphia public transit status. (SFW Version)

Really old stuff that I am no longer involved with is on the Archives Page.