Transformers Fan Fiction

Below is a collection of Transformers fanfics which have been written by many talented people over the years. If you know of additional fanfiction which you'd like to see on here, please e-mail me about it.

Assimilation by Lizard
The Transformers versus the borg.

Bloodlines by Jason R. Ligon
The Sequel to Meltdown, Daniel muses over whether he wants to stay human or become a Transformer.

Cause of Madness by Robert A. Jung
The real cause of Galvatron's Madness

Coming Clean by Jiminy Christmas
Thundercracker begins to question his loyalty to the Decepticons and his purpose in life.

Ego Test by Emily Stewart
Sky Lynx, who has always had a big ego, is suddenly faced with a situation where he must worry about the fate of a Decepticon.

The Fallen Star by Robert A. Jung
Sometimes the war affects more than just the Autobots and Decepticons. Sometimes, innocent bystanders get tragically caught in the cross-fire...

Flameout by Jason R. Ligon
The Sequel to bloodlines, the Autobots search Ciudad Del Fuego for Ravage after he escapes from confinement.

Meltdown by Jason R. Ligon
After crashing in the South American jungle, several Autobots must fight their way through it to safety.

Mistaken Identities by Robert A. Jung
A story about a group of neutral transformers who are accidentally mistaken for Autobots

Nightbird: The Aftermath by Raksha
The events the follow the pre-movie episode featuring Nightbird

Prometheus by Robert A. Jung
A human tries to obtain Transformer technology and gets more than he bargained for

Psychological Dependence by Raksha
Written from Galvatron's point of view, this story discusses some of the conflicts between him and his troops

Public Relations by Robery A. Jung
Autobots are no different from any other minority in that they have stereotypes spread about them as well and must work to dispel them.

Sabotaged Identity by Raksha
A story about Soundwave's children and trying to find one's own identity

The Sale of the 24th Century by Lizard
A Transformers / Deep Space 9 crossover.

Sun Weaver by Robert A. Jung
An excellent tale about an Autobot discovering that the true beauty of things lies within. If you happen to be a furry, reading this story is highly recommended!

Transformers versus Aliens by D.A. James
A Transformers / Aliens crossover

Warbirds by Robert A. Jung
Another story about humans who seem to have aqcuired transformer technology

Where Angels Fear to Tread by Robert A. Jung
A story that goes into details about the junkions, very funny!

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