Psychological Dependence

by Raksha (

Author's Note

Okay, the nagging worked ... whether or not that's a good thing
remains to be seen....

Anyway, this one is purposely written in a very different style from
the last two. (Yes, I do know the difference between a complete
sentence and a fragment. It's *deliberate*.) This was written some
time back, as really more of a goof-around, experimental-type story,
and I should emphasize that it has no real effect on my main, "real"
universe. This is a forray into an Alternate Universe, the
third-season t.v. universe, which I don't normally accept into my main

By the way, I have never been happy with this title. So, if anyone
wants to suggest a better one, please do. (That doesn't mean I'd
necessarily *use* it, but I'd like to hear the input, anyway.) Or, is
the title okay for the story? You decide.....
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