Who is Primacron?


Primacron. On a good day.

In one of the post movie episodes of the Transformers, "Call of the Primitives", there was featured an alien scientist by the name of Primacron who is an intelligent scientist but is physically weak by
transformer standards.

During that episode, it is explained that Primacron is a super-genious. He is capable of conceiving plans that are incredibly complex, as he was the one who created the planet eating world Unicron, who was in Transformers: The Movie. However, his drawback is that he can overlook the simplest things.

The tendency to overlook obvious things reminded me of how I used to be at the time. Keeping that in mind, when I first got into BBSing back in the Summer of 1993 and was asked to pick a handle, this was what came to mind and it has stuck with me ever since. Smiling

Tech Specs

If Primacron was actually sold as an action toy, these are what I imagine his tech specs card might read...

Code Name: Primacron
Allegiance: NONE
Function: Scientist
Quote: "Muscles are strong. The mind is stronger!"

Character Profile: Primacron is a scientist and the only member of his species in the known universe after his home planet was destroyed by Unicron. He is extremely intelligent and self-taught in technical fields such as bio/mechanical engineering, artifical intelligence, and genetics, but can overlook the simplest things.

He is proud of his work, but this pride drives his ambitions far beyond what most others would consider safe. Created the planet-eating monstrocity "Unicron", which was followed by an energy draining being known as "Tornitron", both of whom did consderable damage to both human and transformer settlements before being destroyed. As a result of this, Primacron is considered mentally unstable and both Autobot and Decepticon factions have agreed to have him confined to the Web World indefinitely for psychological treatment.

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