Chronology of the Transformers

by Technoknight (knightster@CMU.EDU)

OK, lots of people are arguing about the Tranformers.  Here's my hypothesis:
(following the Quintisson theory, using the TV series and movie ONLY.)

9 million years B.C.

The Quintisons create Vector Sigma and the planet (about the size of Mars, but
much heavier as it is entirely metal and air) Cyberton.  They start selling
military and personal robots to the dominant life-forms in the Milky Way 
Galaxy.  The biggest buyers happen to be humanoid in shape, so the robots are
made in bilateral humanoid form.

[the Decepticon on the planet with the merpeople's transformation pool is
obviously an early Quintison model.]

Vector Sigma, the ultimate computer, is the only way to control the Plasma
Energy Chamber and other parts of Cybertron.  The Quintisons, mistrustful of
even their own creations, make the Plasma Energy Chamber give off too much 
energy, so that all robots trying to use it will overload.  The Quints, being
organic, have no such problem with the Plasma.

The robots develop true sentient 'souls' and rebel against their Quint masters,
who have gotten fat and lazy off selling robots and acting like kings.  Thus
begins the First Cybertronian War.  A scientist robot named A3 is one of the
leaders.  A depository for the greatest scientists' and leaders minds' is
made, and called the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.  As time progresses, this
Matrix is found to have strange powers of remote energy-matter transferrence.
Only certain Autobots who have both the proper mind and body shape can use the
Matrix.  All Autobot leaders are renamed "Prime".

Vector Sigma is the only computer that can program new robot bodies.  As asked
by the Cybertronians, each robot is given a personality at "birth".

Having outsted the Quints, the robots enjoy a brief time of peace and pure
research, known as the Golden Age of Cybertron.

The military robots name themselves Decepticons and try to rule Cyberton as
their own planetary kingdom.  This is the Second Cybertronian War.

The robots learn how to reconstruct their bodies to transform, allowing them
to become vehicles, equipment, or weapons.  They are powered by energon,
a condensing energy-matrix that is used to convert matter to energy and then
tapped for power.  Thus any matter can be used for life, but the best 
results come from electricity.

Over the next 5 million years different Decepticon and Autobots will rule
Cybertron, their home, with the losers fleeing the planet or "jailed" (their
AIs held in stasis), or outright killed.  A3, now known as Alpha Trion, is a
scientist Autobot.  When the current Decepticon leader Megatron damages
Autobots Orion Pax and two others, Alpha Trion recreates them into Optimus Prime,
Aleeta One, and Ironhide.  He gives Optimus Prime the Autobot Matrix of 
Leadership, giving new life to the Autobot cause against the Decepticons.
Thus the Fourth Cybertonian War begins.

In the Decepticon camp, leadership is by the strongest and most ruthless of 
dictators.  Megatron also shows a cunning for battle strategy.

Jetfire is lost during a recon mission.  Starscream joins the Decepticon 
camp.  Megatron corrupts the Constructicons, who in turn almost destroy
Omega Supreme, a city Guardian robot turned Autobot Transformer.  Omega Supreme
chases the Constructions off of Cybertron, following them for revenge.  Some
Autobots leave Cyberton and learn how to survive on a planet of mechanical
dumpsites, and call themselves "Junkions" instead of Autobots.  The Quintisons
nurse their wounds on a far-off terraformed planet, calling it "Quintessa". They
continue their weapon-dealing ways around the galaxy.  Energon becomes an
acceptable form of money in many star systems.  

4 million years B.C.

Over the length of the Fourth Cybertronian War Optimus Prime and Aleeta-One
became seperated.  Prime used his Iacon fortress to conduct his battles,
while Aleeta began using guerrilla tactics. Cybertron was almost completely
drained of energy, as the Wars have either depleted or destroyed various energy
sources.  Cybertron drifts aimlessly through the Orion Arm of the Galaxy,
eventually passing near a G-type sun with several planets.  One, the third
planet from the star, is within the zone for organic life, and has an atmosphere
like Cybertron (which was like the Quintison's home planet).

Autobot leader Optimus Prime learns of this planet, and prepares to take his
Autobots to the planet to recover from the past War and bring back energy to
power Cybertron.  However, Megatron learns of Prime's plans and ambushes the
starship on its way to the third planet.  (Megatron left Shockwave in charge of
the Decepticon territories on Cybertron.) During a battle in a gigantic meteor
storm (the Asteroid Belt?), both ships crash on the third planet, with most of
the Transformers locked in death struggles aboard the Autobot ship.  Megatron's
last power source, the Heart of Cybertron, is still aboard the other ship.

The Insecticons jettison from the Decepticon ship and crash upon the planet
elsewhere.  Their on-board computer eventually gains enough power to reform
them in indigious life-forms, but as huge insects that live on actual biomass
instead of energon cubes.

A few Decepticons and Autobots are left on Cybertron.  Alpha Trion secretly
guides Aleeta One and other Autobots from time to time.

Cybertron spacedrives at this time are limited to lightspeed with the use of
plasma rockets similiar to fusion drives but much more powerful.  Subspace
radio is in its infancy.  Many of the Transformers have "talent" technology
that has been lost, making each Transformer unique.

0 A.D.

The dominant life-form on the third planet, called "Earth", undergoes a
religon-motivated change in date chronolgy.  The star is called Sol.  Cybertron
continues to drift without power through the Orion Arm.

1985 A.D.

The volcano that the Autobot ship crashed into erupts, giving off enough heat
to power energy sinks onboard the ship, which in turn activates the ship's
computer, Teletram One.  Teletram One immediately sends a low-altitude satellite
to observe the planet the Transformers crashed upon.  Much has changed in four
million years.  The indigious, dominant life forms have a primitive technology. 
Teletram One scans several native vehicles, and uses its' onboard repair units
to reactivate the closest Transformer.  This robot is unfortunely a Decepticon,
who manages to keep the repair bots focused on reviving the Decepticons and not
the Autobots.

Megatron takes his Decepticons and begins building another starship.  He
learns of the people of the planet, but as they are organic they pose no threat.
Meanwhile, the repair robots manage to reach Optimus Prime and rebuild him, and
then the other Autobots.  Optimus goes out to stop Megatron, and meets Humans
in the process, rescuing "Spike" and "Sparkplug".  These Humans are instrumental
in teaching the Autobots about Earth.  Megatron's starship is shot down into the
sea, where Megatron uses it for a base for the next several years.

Decepticon science now includes size-changing, allowing Soundwave and his
"cassettes" to transform from 50 feet tall to half a foot.  Megatron builds a
subspace teleportation "bridge", finding that it requires an active intelligence
to guide the faster-than-light beam.  A superluminal plasma drive is discovered
by both sides, leading to true starships.  Wheeljack makes an Immoblizer ray,
but then discards it. New ways of tapping background radiation and energy for
energon cubes are discovered.

Megatron discovers an Autobot city on an alien planet.  He finds the
inhabitants dead, victims of Cosmic Rust, a bacteria that eats Cybertronian
metals.  He attempts to use an Autobot heat ray he discovered in the city to
destroy the Autobots, but is forced to discard it to stop the Rust.

The Decepticon starship is discovered by a Human archeological dig.  Megatron
takes the Heart of Cybertron to power himself with exceptional powers, but the
Heart is stolen and destoyed by the Autobots.

Shockwave discovers that someone has been stealing energon cubes from his
supplies at regular intervals.  He set up a camera, and was amazed to discover
it was female Autobots!  Shockwave sent a subspace message to Megatron on Earth,
which Prime intercepted.  Prime remembered that he had tried to get Elita One
to come with him on the Ark, but she had refused, and the space ship had taken
off without her. Calling on Powerglide, Ironhide, and Inferno, Prime overcame
the guards at the Decepticon spacebridge and teleported to Cybertron.  Meanwhile,
the female Autobots were shown to be Firestar, Moonracer, and Chromia, with
Elita-One as their leader (and two unnamed).  They had a poorly hidden
underground base, where Elita One was planning guerrilla tactics to fight the
Decepticons.  She had a mentor, a mysterious face on the screen in her HQ.
The mentor continually reminded her never to use her "special power."
Megatron sent Starscream and other Decepticnos to Cybertron to assist
Shockwave in hunting down Optimus and the female Autobots.  Starscream
discovered the entrance and had Rumble make quakes to collapse the
underground rooms.  Elita was forced to use the energon cubes to explode a
blocked tunnel.  Then she and Optimus Prime met, only to be captured by
Starscream.  SS had Optimus tied up and was about to drop him into a vat of
acid, when Elita One used her "special power": a timestop.  Walking through
the rainbow field, Elita rescued Optimus and carried him outside until the
field wore off and she collasped.  She told Prime that her special power used
up ALL of her energon, killing her for the one-time activation.  Elita had
Prime then take her to Alpha Trion, her mysterious mentor.  Meanwhile, the
timestop wore off in the building, and Starscream thought Prime was dead and
Elita escaped.  At Alpha Trion's secret rooms, Alpha had Optimus take his
power converter out to do a special energon transfusion, since Optimus and
Elita had the same energon signature.  Prime said "But only my creator would
know that!"  Alpha Trion agreed, still healing Elita.  The other female
Autobots and male Autobots met on the surface of Cybertron, and talked of old
times, Powerglide to Moonracer, Ironhide to Chromia, Inferno to Firestar. 
Then Starscream and Shockwave showed up with other Decepticons, and a battle
started.  Prime and Elita drove up and were able to beat the 'Cons off. 
Optimus offered to take the female Autobots to Earth, but Elita refused,
saying that she would continue the fight on Cybertron.  Elita and her guerrillas
were never heard from again.

The Autobots free a planet from the Decepticons.  The planet has a strange
transformation pool, which allows intelligences to reform themselves.  The
natives use the pool to become merpeople, to escape the peoples' city, which
is ruled by an old Quintison Decepticon robot.

In creating the Stunticons and Aerobots, the Key to Vector Sigma is destoyed. 
Alpha Trion is absorbed into Vector Sigma.  Alpha Trion gives the Key to the
Plasma forge to Optimus, where the first Quintison robots were made.

Over the next 20 years, Humans help Autobots and Decepticons both, with
sometimes disasterous results.  The most prominent Human is Spike, who does
extensive research into Autobot technology.  Spike Witickty marries Carlie,
who is also a friend of the Autobots.  Earth obtains technology to expand
beyond the Solar System.

Other Autobots and Decepticons, learning that Optimus Prime and Megatron are on
Earth, rejoin the ranks of their companions.  Some allow themselves to be
disguised as Earth vehicles; some do not.

Spike and Carlie Witicky have a son, Daniel.

Autobots discover "cassette" technology similar to the Deceptions', which allows
them to build cassettes for Blaster.

Primacron, an immortal alien scientist, becomes jealous of the Transformers and
their powerful planet Cybertron.  He constructs Unicron, a massive Transformer
the size of a moon, and orders him to subjgate Cybertron for him.  Unicron
rebels, fleeing his creator and devouring various planets as he travels though
intersellar space at lightspeed.  But, driven by his programming, Unicron
telepathically probes the Transformers on Earth.  He is horrified to find the
Autobot Matrix of Leadership, an energy matrix that, used properly, could
anniliate him.  He begins forming a plan to use agents to acquire or destroy the
Matrix.  On his way to Cyberton, Unicron eats a planet of cyborgs, but fails to
capture one of the natives, a person named Krannix.

Primacron's assistant, an energy being, cannot handle Primacron's ego-driven
insanity and leaves.

2005 A.D.

The Decepticons leave for Cybertron, allowing a short time of peace on Earth. 
The Autobots build Autobot City, planning on using it as a base and a gigantic
Transformer warrior, Metroplex.  Spike has a son named Daniel, and then goes
with a team of Autobots to use Cybertron's moons as a stepping-stone to attack
the Decepticons.

Unfortuntely, Megatron learns of this Autobot plan and hijacks an Autobot ship
going to Earth.  Several Autobots die in the hijacking.  Seconds before the ship
lands, Hot Rod and Daniel discover the Decepticons and fire upon them, allowing
the Autobots to transform Autobot City into Defense Mode.  But caught by
surpise, many Autobots are killed.  A message is sent to Optimus on Cybertron, 
but even at superluminal speed a starship will take 12+ hours to reach Earth.

Prime arrives with reinforcements, and fights Megatron.  The Decepticons
retreat, taking their dead and wounded with them.  Prime is damaged beyond
repair, and dies, passing on the Matrix to Ultra Magus.  The Matrix does not
accept him.  Megatron and other damaged Decepticons are set adift in
interstellar space, where they are met by Unicron.  Unicron reforms them into
his own agents, and gives them a starship to kill the Matrix with.  Megatron,
now Galvatron, kills Starscream to regain Decepticon leadership, then attacks
the Autobots on Earth.

Unicron arrives in orbit around Cybertron, eating one of the moons.  Spike and
Bumblebee are presumed dead.

Galvatron learns that Unicron controls all of his creations via a subspace link
to a pain circuit.

The Autobots flee Autobot in two ships.  During the battle that follows, one
ship with the Dinobots, Kup, and Hot Rod crash on a planet, while the other
ship self-destructs in order to fool Galvatron that Springer, Arcee, Ultra
Magnus, and Daniel are dead with the Matrix.  In reality the bridge of the
starship crashes on a junk planet.

Hot Rod wakes up to find himself in a parody of a planet were biological
life-forms are imitated in robotic forms.  He rescues Kup, only to be captured
by Sharkicons.  The two are taken to a jail where he meets Krannix, the last
survior of Unicrom's latest planet.  Then Krannix is sentenced to death.  The
rulers of the world are five-faced cyborgs, who delight in sentencing the
Autobots to death also.  Kup and Hot Rod are rescued by the Dinobots, who found
an ally named Wheelie.  The Autobots steal an alien ship to search for the

On the junk planet, Daniel and the others are ambushed by Decepticons and alien
Transformers alike.  Ultra Magnus is shattered, and the Matrix taken.  Hot Rod
and the others arrive on the junk planet, and befriend the Junkion Autobots. 
The Autobots and Junkions alike then reactive Ultra Magnus and head to
Cybertron to stop Unicron.

In Cybertron orbit, Galvatron tries to throw off Unicron's yoke.  In response,
Unicrom transforms from Planet to Battloid mode, and attacks Cybertron. 
Shockwave assembles the Deceptions on Cybertron to attack Unicron.  Many
Decepticons die.  Hod Rod and the Junkions arrive, and Hod Rod pilots a damaged
starship into Unicron's head unit, blinding one eye but causing little overall
damage.  The Junkion ship continues to strafe Unicron.  Inside Unicron, the
Autobots are seperated, with Springer, Kup, Ultra Magnus, and Daniel freeing
Spike and Bumblebee while Hod Rod meets and fights Galvatron for the Matrix of

Galvatron is driven mad by his old memories of being Megatron, independent of
Unicron's control, and Unicron's use of pain to goad Galvatron to action.

Grimlock discovers that his "brute force" strategy may need revamping.

Hot Rod manages to get the Matrix from Galvatron, and the Matrix's acceptance
of him causes an energy-to-matter transfer, changing Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime. 
Rodimus hurls Galvatron out of Unicron, then opens the Matrix from its crystal
shell.  The Matrix energy divides again and again, damaging Unicron wherever it
touches him.  Rodimus recollects the energy and then leads the other Autobots
out of Unicron's head.  Inside Unicron, the damage done by the Matrix energy
reaches overload.  Unicron explodes from the inside, leaving only his head

With the Decepticons fleeing Cybertron, the planet is now in control of the
Autobots again.

After 2005 A.D.

A crypt for the Decepticons and a flying masoleum for the Autobot dead are
made.  Cyclonus and Scourge find Galvatron and the Decepticons arise again. 
The five-sided aliens, now discovered to be the descendants (and a few
originals) of the Quintisons, begin to study the rediscovered Transformers and
their organic allies, the humans.  The Quints try everything from time travel
to brainwashing to regain their manufacturing planet, Cybertron.

All other female Autobots other than Arcee are presumed dead.

The Autobots and Decepticons travel throughout the Galaxy, using alien
transdimensional gates, their plasma stardrive, and other technologies.

The Decepticons create Tripicon, making a rival to the Autobots' Metroplex.

The Quintisons build their own Transformers, calling them the Horrocons, in
order to fight the Cybertronian Transformers.  They destroy their own adopted
home planet Quintessa in an attempt to kill Rodimus Prime.  The Quints try to
activate a failsafe device inside each and every Quintison-made robot, but are
foiled by the Human Spike.

Rodimus Prime begins to experiment with the Matrix, trying to discover its uses.

A gangster on Earth convinces Snake, a retired terroist, to use synthoid
technology to transfer the Autobots into Human bodies, which are easier to
kill.  His plot to use the Autobots' bodies is thwarted by the synthoids
themselves.  Snake escapes.

Grimlock undergoes a mindboost, which he uses to create the Technobots.  Grimlock
then backslides to normal.

The Autobots free a star system from a Quintison "quadrant lock" that kept the
entire star system in a special pocket of spacetime.  The reason behind the
confinement was to keep a race of telepathic people from progressing to

The Quintisons use a "time window" to take Alpha Trion from the past so that the
First Cybertronian War never happens, and they will be returned to power.  The
Autobots intervene, and the plan fails.

An Autobot planet in a spacetime pocket is discovered by Cyclonus.  The planet
is full of non-Transforming Autobots that tried to escape the Wars.  When
Galvatron arrives, they blow up the planet to prevent him from using it.

Starscream's ghost, freed inadvertanly from his remains by Octane, posseses one
of the Sweeps, and tries to get his body back and also destroy Galvatron.
Starscream even helps Unicron's head to use Cybertron for a new body, but
backstabs him at the last moment.  The last news of Starscream had him in a new
body but flung out of control from Cybertron.

Primacron tries to capture Cybertron again, this time using an energy being he
created.  The energy being absorbs the energy from nearly all the Transformers,
effectively killing them.  Primacron's old assistant mangages to contact the
"primitive' Transformers and guide them to destroy the energy creature. 
Grimlock, the last Transformer, mangages to burst into Primacron's lab just as
the energy creature rebels and tries to eat Primacron.  Grimlock has Primacron
reverse the energy creature's reason for existing (instead of absorbing energy
it will give it back) and reanimates the other Transformers.  Primacron
ferverntly agrees to stop making agents.  Grimlock trashes Primacron's lab
anyway, just to have fun.

The Quintisons reanimate Optimus Prime to a kind of zombie status, in another
plot to take Cybertron back.  Rodimus discovers Optimus onboard the crypt and
is betrayed into giving up the Matrix.  Optimus' true personality resurfaces at
the last minute, and Optimus gives Hot Rod the Matrix back.  Optimus's starship
supposably is destroyed by a trap set for the other Autobots.

In reality, Optimus' body is recovered by a team of Human scientists researching
a new kind of heat-resistant metal.  The star where the trap for the Autobots
was located goes supernova, proving the heat-resistant metal ship but coating
the ship in strange spores.  Back on Earth, the spores are discovered to cause
an infectious madness in all sentient life.  One of the Human scientists is
injured by the Decepticons when they steal the metal, causing her father to
hate all Transformers.  He leads the Autobots to his lab and infects them with
the madness disease, which spreads to the starports and then the Galaxy. 
Rodimus and Skylnyx take Optimus' body and kidnap a Quintison to revive Optimus
Prime.  Rodimus is infected, and Optimus, coated in the heat-resistant metal,
fights him for the Matrix.  Searching through the Matrix ghosts, Optimus
discovers an old legend from the original Autobot program about the madness
spores.  "Such madness is fought with wisdom." the AI tells Optimus.  Optimus
opens the Matrix and releases the Matrix-energy, which speads at
faster-than-light speeds all across the Galaxy, healing the madness with a bit
of Matrix wisdom to each infected person.  With the Matrix emptied but still
usable, Optimus leads the Autobots back to Cybertron.

Bumblebee is reformed into Gold Bug.

More Autobots and Decepticons return to their leaders from across the Galaxy.

Vector Sigma lets Galvatron learn of the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. 
Galvatron, thinking it a new energy source, attacks Autobot City on Earth to
get the key.  He then travels to Cybertron, and inserts the Key.  Autobots
follow him to Cybertron and are present when the Key actives the Chamber.  The
strange energy short-circuits several Transformers and a starship, sending its
crew flying out of control.  Only Spike and Daniel, organic creatures, are
unaffected by the energy.

Optimus Primus uses the Matix of Leadership to communicate with Vector Sigma,
and discovers that Alpha Trion is now part of Vector Sigma.  Sigma has allowed
Galvatron to discover the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber for a reason. 
Sigma apparently has clairvoyant powers, as it knows Humans will be
instrumental in re-powering Cybertron to a new Golden Age.  The Plasma Energy
Chamber affects all energy-using beings.

The ship lands on a planet called Nebulos.  Its humanoid inhabitants are
divided into two castes.  Some are people that learned technokinesis,
controlling machinery with the mind alone.  A few of them are cyborgs, their
brains housed in barely adequate robot bodies.  Everyone else on Nebulon is
subject to the "Hive", as the technokinetics call themselves.  Arrival of the
Autobots and Decepticons changes the balance of power on Nebulons.  Daniel is
attacked and in critical condition, forcing Spike to use the Autobots to create
the Headmasters, Transformers with humanoid secondary operators.  Several
Nebulons become the Headmasters, and then the Targetmasters, binary partners. 
The Decepticons, with the help of the Hive Masters, copy Spike's efforts. 
Battles for the Key follows.  Optimus arrives, but is doubtful about the new

The Hivemasters transform their city into a fortress capable of superluminal
flight, and take Daniel, Arcee, and other Autobots hostage.  They then leave
for Cybertron to give Galvatron the Key.  Spike discovers the Hivemaster's old
city, the one that they lived in before they developed their technokinetic
powers, and reforms the city into a Headmaster fortress.  He then takes off for

On the planet of the Transformers, Galvatron is in a rage that his warriors
have bonded themselves with organic operators, but must accept them and their
firepower.  He orders the Decepticons to build massive superluminal engines to
power Cybertron to Earth orbit, where he can again test the Plasma Energy
Chamber.  The Hivemasters fight the remaining Autobots until Spike and Fortress
Maximus arrives.  Galvatron tries to get Scoponok to leave Cybertron; he has
placed the Key in the Chamber with a countdown timer.  Spike, in total control
of Fortress Maximus, takes matters into his own hands and rescues his son and
the Autobots from inside Scoponok.  The Chamber activates, sending plasma energy
throughout the System and making Sol start to supernova.  Spike has the
Nebulons jettison their Headmaster suits and change the superluminal drives to
energy sinks, with a conduit to Vector Sigma.  Vector Sigma drains off Sol's
extra energy while Spike turns off the Chamber.  Sigma uses the energy to
repower Cybertron into a new Golden Age.  Galvatron and the Hivemasters are
flung off of Cybertron and into interstellar space.

End of the Fourth Cybertronian War.

c. 2010? (In the comic books but not
adapted to the TV series)

Creation of the Powermasters and Powermaster Optimus Prime

Creation of the Pretenders and Pretender Starscream, Grimlock, and Bumblebee

Grimlock and the energy pool

Spike coming to grips with being a Headmaster

Other Unicroms from parallel universes trying to destroy Cybertron again

The Last Autobot/The Ultimate Warrior (a Transformer with Vector Sigma as its

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