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Wow, this part of my website is quite old! I still keep it around for archival purposes, but please take my (rather outdated) anti-virus product recommendations with a grain of salt. Thanks, and enjoy your visit!

Welcome to my anti-virus help page! I've been running this page since about 1995 or so. In that time, viruses have gone from being annoying little programs which spread on floppy disks, to very troublesome beasts which can spread world-wide across the Internet in a matter of minutes.

I think that the best way to cure virus/worm problems is to prevent them from happening, and the best way to prevent them from hapenning is through education and awareness. Being a geek, understanding viruses seems to come naturally to me, so I figured I would share information about them with others.

Viruses: Staying Safe Online

If you read only ONE article on this website, this should be it. Following the steps outlined in this article will drastically reduce your chances of getting an infection.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) documentation on computer viruses. If you are a beginning computer user and don't know much about computers or viruses, this is a good starting point.

Virus Humor

Viruses can be funny!

Papers on computer viruses

Papers that have been written on the history and internals of computer viruses and anti-virus products. These are for more advanced users.

Anti-virus products

Links to anti-virus products.

Anti-spyware products

Links to anti-spyware products to keep your computer free of spyware.

Other anti-virus sites

Links to other anti-virus websites.

If you still require help after reading through some of the resources I have here, feel free to ask for help on my Anti-Virus forum.

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