Virus-L/comp.virus FAQ

            Frequently Asked Questions on Virus-L/comp.virus

                              Release 2.00

               Last Updated:  9 October 1995, 11:00 AM NZD

= Using this FAQ sheet: =

This document is intended to answer some Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) about computer viruses.  This FAQ sheet has been compiled by some
of the main contributors to the Virus-L mailing list and its USENET news
fan-out, comp.virus.  The Preface Section (below) explains the multi-
part nature of the FAQ sheet and how to ensure you have "the genuine
article", and gives details on version numbers and contacting the
authors with questions and suggestions.  If you are seeking help after
discovering what you suspect is a virus on your computer, read the
Preface Section, skim through Sections A and B for the essential jargon,
then concentrate on Section C.

If you feel that you may have found a new virus, or are not quite sure
if some file or boot sector is infected, please refer to Section F
Question #4 (F4) before posting a request for assistance.  The answer to
this question has been developed to ensure new readers of Virus-L/
comp.virus understand the protocol for raising such questions and to
help them avoid asking questions that can be answered in this document.
If you are looking for help in designing and implementing an antivirus
policy or system, read all of Sections B through F inclusive, paying
particular attention to Section D.

Please read the full list of questions carefully--as with most complex
topics, dozens of different virus-related questions turn out to be about
similar phenomena.  If you don't find your exact question here, look
closely at the ones that seem vaguely similar.

Above all, remember that the time to really worry about viruses is
*before* your computer gets one!

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