Viruses Can Be Funny!

Getting hit by a virus is never a joke. But afterwards, once people have had a chance to reflect, they'll do the same thing they do with any other tragedy. They'll make jokes about it.

If you found this site while dealing with a virus problem, I can't promise that reading any of these files will fix your problem. But they might help lift your spirits.

Lion King Viruses
If you're a fan of Disney's The Lion King, you'll recognize the names of some of these viruses!

Top Ten Signs You Might Be A Virus
If you are unsure of whether yourself (or a loved program) might be a virus, you should check it against the items on this list.

Boss Knows Best?
A heartwarming tale from the early 1990s when the Michaelangelo virus was making its rounds. It is of the egotistical accountant who tried to defend his company network against it, but didn't know as much as he thought he did. As told by a co-worker.

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