Boss Knows Best?

(Originally written by Jeffry Bloss)

The year the Mich scare was in full bloom I was working for a company whose PC's were under the direct supervision of the head accountant dude. His brother-in-law or something was a "mainstream programmer" working for a "respectable software vendor". Our accountant was convinced by his relative that shareware, BBS's, and anyone who even spoke the words was evil incarnate. "Brother" directed him to buy a $120 "top-of-the-line" commercial antivirus package. The name isn't important, the fact that he bought out dated, off the shelf software under the recommendation of an "expert" is.

I offered to do my thing with a couple different tools and met with one of the most PC-illiterate responses I ever had the misfortune to hear. :(( I was threatened with everything from banishment from the areas where PC's were installed, to termination. :((( To heck with him... <g> I checked for, found, and removed Mich from 2 company machines, and a privately owned machine in the office of a good friend.

The day came... The VP's machine, another private machine, the company machines I couldn't get to, AND the accountant's home machine were thrashed. :(( Or should I say...<snicker>. They all lost months of non-backed-up data. Would have been much worse if there hadn't been some redundancy between the "dead" machines and the ones I cleaned.

The accountant hit the roof... in a rage, he blamed everything from hardware vendors , to careless people, to (you guessed it) me. :( Seems he was under the impression I might have some sorta vendetta because he denied my "uninformed" wishes. <sigh>

Strangely enough, in an attempt to figure out why those machines that SHOULD have been infected survived the virus, he reinstalled his "absolutely fool-proof" commercial package on my friends private machine... the only one I could admit to touching. I was there, checked the machine prior to the reinstall, but within 1 minute of the reinstall it was infected again. That's right, his prized AV package was either the introducer, or served as a willing host to the critter.

He never did prove that I tinkered with the two company machines, and he never admitted that his software's disk could POSSIBLY spread an infection (said it must have been something *I* did). All I could do was shake my head and walk away from the poor red-faced bastard after I recommended that my friend NEVER allow a disk that had been in ANY of the accountant's machines to pass through his system again.

I suppose this story is pretty meaningless, and a *bit* off topic, but it's typical of both the average users ignorance, and the corporate attitude toward viruses, "hackers", and anyone with with a distant relationship to a BBS. It's also a chance for me to bore people to death. <g>

I have to wonder, with the fatal day approaching again <g>, if there won't be MORE chaos around the old shop... and just who will survive.

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