Lion King Viruses

If you've been collecting a few too many Lion King video clips or MP3s and ever have a virus infection one day, you may just end up with one of the following Lion King Viruses:

  • The Scar Virus: Causes the user to run away and never return

  • The Mufasa Virus: Causes your computer to die under a stampede of GNU viruses

  • The Sarafina Virus: After every movement pops up a dialogue box with "What do you think, Sarabi?"

  • The Sarabi Virus: Causes your computer not to work anymore unless you install the Zazu virus

  • The Zazu Virus: Causes your computer to being converted into a handsome throwrug

  • The Pumbaa Virus: Causes your computer to start to smell badly and farts everytime you hit the keyboard

  • The Timon Virus: Your computer seems to know everything better but the OS crashes twice as much

  • The Ed Virus: Every line of text becomes unreadable and there is a irritating laughter through your soundcard

  • The Rafiki Virus: Everytime you answer a dialogue box the CD player aimes and launches a CD at your head and you hear through the soundcard "wrong again!"

Originally posted to the TLK-L mailing list by Simba III.

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