Other Antivirus Sites

Of course, there's no need to take my word for it when it comes to viruses, here is a list of some other anti-virus resources on the Internet that you can use to make an informed decision about viruses and anti-virus software.

If there's a site that you would like to see listed on here, please contact me and send me the URL for inclusion in the list.

Virus Bulletin
VB is a magazine which contains reviews of the most popular anti-virus products. Their website also contains much in the way of technical information about viruses.

Rob Rosenberger has tons of information regarding virus myths, including details on all the latest hoaxes, and the media's tendency to create fear-mongering when it comes to viruses. (1.6 Trillion in damages due to viruses? I don't think so!)

The Wildlist Organization International
The Wildlist keeps an up to date listing of which viruses have been found "in the wild" and what geographical areas of the world they have been found in.

International Computer Security Association
This organization is devoted to computer security issues in corporations, associations, and government agencies worldwide. It is dedicated to continuously improving commercial computer security through certification, sharing of knowledge, and dissemination of information. Furthermore, the ICSA analyzes and tests anti-virus software. You can view their list of certified products here.
GRC Sucks dot com
This site was created to debunk self-proclaimed "security expert" Steve Gibson. This is recommended reading before using "Leak Test", "PathLock", "Sheilds Up", "Spin Rite", or whatever he is trying to sell today.


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