Antivirus Papers

If you've read through all of the
FAQs and want to learn more about viruses, a good way to start is by reading papers that have been published on the subject.

A History of Computer Viruses by Rob Slade
This covers the history of computer virues up through 1992.
"Vircing" the Invircible by Vesselin Bontchev
If you or someone you know if thinking of purchasing Invircible, then you should read this paper. It goes into detail about some of the technical problems with Invircible, as well as some of the problems with how it has been marketed.
The Bulgarian and Soviet Virus Factories by Vesselin Bontchev
This paper covers some of the viruses that were written in Bulgaria and the former Soviet Union during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Bill Lambdin's 4th Test of Invircible by Bill Lambdin
Yet another test that was done on Invrcible.
A Brief History of PC Viruses by Dr. Alan Soloman
Another paper about the history of viruses on the IBM PC platform, up through 1993.
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