What Is Doug Doing Now?

Last Updated: May 20, 2024

My Latest Project

I recently built and deployed the website https://www.IsPecoOkay.com/ which provides current stats on ⚡the Philadelphia power grid.⚡ With the exception of chart.js, it’s all hand-written CSS and HTML in an effort to make the website be as lightweight as possible, so my iPhone battery doesn’t drain during my next power outage while frantically refreshing the outpage page. 🙂

The entire website was deployed using Serverless and various AWS services such as S3 (content), Lambda (the API and cron task to fetch data), and DynamoDB (data storage). With current traffic levels, the entire site costs me WELL under $1/mo.

What I’m Doing At Work

I’ve been building and deploying data pipelines with Vector. It’s a quite a breath of fresh air from Logstash, which I was never a huge fan of. Vector is lightweight, it’s fast, and it works very very well.

I’ve also been studying up on the Rust programming language, seeing it’s what Vector is written in, and looks like a really cool language for systems work, as well as when high performance is required. It’s definitely on track to replace C and C++. And much safer.

Upcoming Conventions

I’ll be at Anthrohio this weekend!

I’ll be Anthrocon in July.

I hope to see y’all there!

What is all this?

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