YouTube Channels I Like

Yeah, pretty much this.

Earlier today I had breakfast with one of my drinking buddies, and he asked me for some YouTube recommendations, because he’s bored with the stuff that he watches. I was going to DM them to him, but thought it would be more sensible for me to make a blog post and share them with others, as well.

I can’t say that this is an exhaustive or authoritative list, rather it’s a list of channels which I have found enjoyable or at least interesting.

The list

  • HowtoBasic – An educational channel which explains how to perform many common tasks. Often with thousands of eggs. 🍳
  • Star Wars Reading Club – This channel features numerous videos, most under 7 minutes in length, which examine a specific plot point or character in the Star Wars universe. Such as the imperial officers who conspired to kill Darth Vader.
  • Eckharts Ladder – A channel which focuses mostly on Stars Wars and Halo, this one focuses mostly on the warfare aspects of the Star Wars universe, such as the different kinds of ships and weapons.
  • DeSinc – Video game speedruns gone horribly sideways.
  • Down The Rabbit Hole – A series of videos by YouTube user Fredrik Knudsen, each video does a deep dive into a specific topic, complete with supporting research and documentation.
  • The Infographics Show – This channel hosts non-fiction videos between 5 and 15 minutes in length which cover some science-related aspects of history.
  • SciShow – Another science-related channel which focuses more on pure science-related topics, with most videos under 10 minutes in length.
  • Pretty Good – I’ll admit, I am not a sports guy. However, I adore the story telling in this series of videos from Jon Bois and SB Nation. He covers everything from the 222-0 blowout in college football to the psychology behind professional gambling to Scorigami in American Football.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History – Ever wanted to see Deadpool vs Bobba Fett? Or Mozart vs Skrillex? Check out ERB.
  • SF Debris – He describes his channel as “serious reviews with silly commentary”. Most of the reviews are on works of science-fiction with an emphasis on the Star Trek franchise. He has even more reviews on his website.

Bonus Channel

Finally, I’ll leave you with The Instant Regret Playlist. This is a playlist of over 2,800 videos, and it is just a thing of beauty. Put it on the TV at your next party.

What do you like to watch on YouTube? Let me know in the comments!