Thundercats Outtakes

"We're all out of ammo. Time to use foul language!"


The Thundercats was a science-fiction/furry cartoon series that aired in the 1980's which featured characters that were human looking, but also were part cat, as if they had evolved from felines. The show can still be seen on occasion on the Cartoon Network.

Anyway, enough of that, how about something that will make you laugh your head off? You see, the Thundercats, like most cartoon characters, were played by humans. And humans sometimes get mad and like to swear. That being the case, someone happened to record the members of the Thundercats cast swearing while taping the show, and it makes for some pretty funny outtakes!

The Outtakes

These outtakes have some foul language in them. Please do not listen to them if you are easily offended.

I hope you enjoyed them, and if you have any that aren't in my archive here, please let me know so I can add them.

Other Thundercats websites

If you know of any other Thundercats websites that you'd like me to list, please drop me a line.

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The history of how these outtakes got recorded can be found here.

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