Thundercats Outtakes

“We’re all out of ammo. Time to use foul language!”

The Thundercats were a cartoon show which aired during the 1980s.  I used to watch it all the time, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s when I learned that there were outtakes from the show!  Everyone I shared them with enjoyed them, so I thought I would host them here as well.

The Outtakes

Yes, these have foul language.  I warned ya!

“Shut up you f*ck!”
Lion-O is unable to get his lines straight
“Dropping their pens on the thing? When I’m talking?!”
“That thing… that Megathing!”
“I’m going to put this one right between her pretty…”
“What the f*ck is a Somoflange!”
“What’s the matter Snarf?” “I got a cold.”
Mumm-ra flips out
“Thunder! Thunder! …”
Panthro gets drunk
I want to see your t*ts, my dear!”

I hope you enjoyed them, and if you have any that aren’t in my archive here, please let me know so I can add them.

Additional Reading

The history of how these outtakes got recorded can be found here.