Found Buggy Train Data In SEPTA’s API

While waiting for a train at Ardmore station yesterday, I decided to check it out on SEPTA Stats to see just how late it was, and where it was. This is what I saw:

Well… that can’t be right. It’s an inbound train, and I had been standing at Ardmore station for the last 10 minutes. No trains came through in that time. What’s going on?

After I got home later, I decided to do through the data for train 1552 and saw entries like this:

Wait, those readings are 7 minutes apart — that also can’t be right!

Let’s check the data we got for Ardmore station, Narberth, and Wynnewood (which is between the two):

Well.. that’s interesting. Looks like the train showed at having a next stop of Ardmore, then Wynnewood, then Narberth, then repeated the journey again at Ardmore.

More than likely, there was some kind of bug in the reporting mechanism which SEPTA uses (which, for Paoli/Thorndale trains, is really data obtained from Amtrak).

I’ve let SEPTA’s Social Media team know, and they are passing it along to their programmers.

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