History of the Thundercats Outtakes

I’ve finally got the story on where the Thundercats Outtakes came from. It is best told by Scott Raymond, who sent me this email recently:

You probably don’t know me, but for a number of years I used to run a website called SoundAmerica before I sold it to the folks at advances.com.

On that site is a collection of outtakes from the Thundercats and Silverhawks cartoons:


When looking at your collection, I realized they must have migrated from SoundAmerica, since they are the same quality settings as the original WAV files – which, by the way, were converted using the MP3 codec, effectively creating MP3 files with RIFF waveform headers. I even know exactly when I originally put these files online – just over 8 years ago on August 15, 1997 – the day after they were given to me by Larry Franke, the sound editor for both cartoons. Here’s a page captured on the wayback machine at archive.org:


I bring this to your attention, not because I want credit, but because you might be interested to know where they came from and who provided them – Larry Franke. You can see his credentials here:


So, I think that settles the matter of where these outtakes originally came from. What an interesting bit of history!