I hate pennies. I *really* hate pennies. What to do with them all?

I really hate pennies. Let me count the reasons:

Here, look at my pile of spare change that I’ve collected from the last few years:

I really hate pennies

Just look at it. Half of that pile is pennies! The pile of pennies is worth what, $5? $10? The pile of nickels and dimes on the other side is probably 7 or 8 times that. I seriously think that if I take that many pennies into a bank to deposit that the security guards will shoot me just on general principle. Can’t say I’d blame them.

Did you know that Canada is phasing out pennies? Yep, they’re urging merchants to round prices to the nearest nickel. If I have to choose between paying 4 more cents for something versus having 4 pennies in my pocket, I will gladly pay those for cents for not having to carry around pennies.

We’ve actually done this before. We used to have a unit of currency called the half cent. Never heard of it? I’m not surprised. The half cent was phased out in 1857.

I really hate pennies.